diVisional paradoX

Hemant Trevedi
Hemant Trevedi

As an introspective designer, I have always been attracted to an idea
that is against the norm, and yet retains the spirit of the human persona.

In this century, I find myself yearning to break free yet again,
thereby getting rid of colour, and starting afresh with a new canvas and palette.

My fashion statement for spring-summer 2002 is called 'divisional paradox'.

The purity of ivory is juxtaposed with design details that are against
 what is normally percieved as a challenge in garment design... the horizontal line.

Delicate rows of beading, are embellished on sheer and opaque weaves,
banded together to form a shape that best illustrates my thought process,
and leaves the weaver feeling totally glamorous and eternally special.



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