Angela Spillane

has always lived and painted in Milford Haven (of Nelson fame) in the magically beautiful Welsh county of Pembrokeshire, which has attracted artists like Turner, Sutherland, Augustus & Gwen John and John Piper.

In 1991, the artist and two friends initiated the opening of the town's first major gallery, the Dockside Gallery. It is here that, in 1999, Angela will hold a major solo exhibition for the Millenium, celebrating the town's varied history - its whaling links with the Quakers of Nantucket in the U.S.A., plus an important history as a fishing port, oil port and now marina and yachting facility.

The exceptional quality of light and magnificent coastal scenery have inspired many of the artist's works. Other favourite sources of inspiration have been the trees, castles, the cathedral of St. David's, county cottages, small harbours, boats, the sea, and especially trawlers of Milford. In 1991, the town hosted the Tall Ships Race, and these beautiful sailing ships have also been the subject of many paintings.

However, the artist believes that it is the work itself, regardless of the subject, which primarily matters. She therefore explores both the representational and the abstract through a wide variety of media (and sizes), including oils, acrylics, watercolour, graphite and ink. She agrees with David Hockney that what we see depends on how we see. In paintings of multiple images she explores not just the subject, but the theme of looking at the subject.

Address: Angela Spillane, 3 Marine Gardens, Milford Haven, SA 733 JH, Tel. 01646-695743
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Selection of Angela Spillane's paintings

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