Facharbeit im Leistungskurs Englisch  
am Gregor-Mendel-Gymnasium Amberg

Verfasser: Natalie Bayer

Kollegstufenjahrgang 1998/2000

Bewertung: 15 Punkte
Ausgezeichnet mit der GMG-Medaille in Bronze






1 The Heritage of the Celts 
   1.1 Celtic Music in Pre-Christian Times 
   1.2 The Eisteddfods of the Middle Ages 

2 The Characteristics of the Old Welsh Harp and Folk Music
    2.1 Traditional Harp Airs

    2.2 Ballad and Carol Tunes
    2.3 Folk Songs Proper
    2.4 Penillion Singing
    2.5 Original Welsh Musical Instruments

3 The Renaissance of the Welsh Music in the 18th and 19th centuries
    3.1 Harp Music and "Penillion Singing"
    3.2. The Golden Age of the Choirs

4 The Present Situation in Welsh Music
    4.1 Festivals, Contests and Other Musical Gatherings
    4.2 Welsh Choirs of the Present Day
    4.3 Harp Music and "Cerdd Dant"
    4.4 Solo Performers of Classical Music
    4.5 Orchestras
    4.6 Composers
    4.7 Pop Music
    4.8 Folk Singing

Final Comment

     List of sources
     List of Enclosed Recordings on CD
     List of Enclosed Video Films
     Separate File of Documents

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