The Sea Empress Oil Disaster
and its Consequences
for Pembrokeshire

Facharbeit im Leistungskurs Englisch
am Gregor-Mendel-Gymnasium Amberg

Verfasser: Katrin Bayer

Kollegstufenjahrgang 1995/97

Bewertung: 15 Punkte




  Katrin Bayer


1. The importance of Pembrokeshire

2. The accident

3. The immediate consequences
     3.1 The contributing factors
     3.2 The extent of the pollution
     3.3 The effects on the wildlife
     3.4 The fishing ban

4. The reactions of the population

5. The clean-up operations
     5.1 The clean-up operations on land and at sea
     5.2 Help for the wildlife

6. Causes of and responsibility for the accident and criticism of the salvage and cleanup operations

7. The long-term consequences
     7.1 The consequences for the wildlife
     7.2 The consequences for the fishing industry
     7.3 The consequences for the agricultural industry
     7.4 The consequences for the tourist industry
     7.5 The consequences for the local population

8. Orimulsion

Final Comment


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